The Story of McGuinness's Classics Inc.

The Story of McGuinness's Classics Inc.

Hello there! I'm Roy McGuinness. A warm Irish welcome to our web site and thank you for visiting us. Been in Classic Cars for many, many years in the Wellington area, since the early 70's. Wow! Doesn't seem that long ago. Still love them just as much -- see, touch, smell, listen, feel and enjoy.

Moved about 7 years ago to a delightful old timber building, erected by the US Forces in the late 40's in Gracefield, Lower Hutt. Offices up in the rafters, just like I always wanted. Lots of charm, space and history, easy to find too. Complete with a sprinkler system, alarms and cameras. The complex is called "Gracelands" due to having had a number of film industry related tenants over the years. Sounds good to us!

Well 8 years have gone by quickly and we are now off on a new adventure, up to the sunny and warm Kapiti coast. Also into another iconic building; The Old Statue Bargain Barn under the statue of the Virgin Mary on the hill overlooking Paraparaumu.

However, after 18 months or so it became apparent that this site was not working for us so a new plan was brought into being. I now work from home in Plimmerton with fewer cars and after 43 years of 6 days a week and owner operator, if feels just grand, should have done it years ago.

I still sell mostly on behalf of so if the car is in the area, I can come around, advise on what items should be attended and organise that. Have the car groomed if necessary and have it photographed. Return it to your premises and make arrangements for access at a day’s notice.

I do have some storage to accommodate cars from out of town and so far the system is working very well.

Still supplying valuations, so just a phone call away. Please check your insurance is up to date and relevant as it makes me really sad to be writing up pre-accident valuations.

I have also been working with retirement villages and supplying my services to those who for whatever reason are no longer driving and offer to market their vehicle for them. This is also working well as I have years of experience in handling the emotions that go along with parting with a precious item.

Our web site has been working really fine for us and we are now also linked to Trademe, MTF, Autobuy, Simply Classics, Autotrader and the MG Car Club site. Remember, we are the Classic Car valuer recommended by The INSURANCE and SAVINGS OMBUDSMAN for insurance valuations on Classic Cars in NZ, so get in touch and ensure that your car has agreed value cover and for the right amount. Really appreciate your support and interest over the years and look forward to further contact in the future.

Hope to see you all as usual at British Car Day at Trentham in mid-February. Keep polishing!.

Yours in Classic Motoring,

Roy McGuinness.

McGuinness Classics Inc - 20 Tongariro St, Paraparaumu, Kapiti - Ph: (04) 297 1500 - Fax: (04) 297 1502 - Email: mcclassics@xtra.co.nz